Pride of The Ozarks Chorus Our Director…

Wayne Wentworth

Meet our new director, Wayne Wentworth.  

Wayne grew up in a musical family.  His mother and sisters had their own trio and Wayne started taking piano lessons at an early age.  

While in high school, he formed a barbershop quartet and joined the local barbershop harmony chapter.  In 1961, the chapter sent 17 year old Wayne to Winona, MN where he attended the very first Harmony Education Program. with 500 other men.

Wayne attended Western Kentucky University where he was a music major for two years and formed a collegiate barbershop quartet before joining the US Air Force.  While in the service, Wayne became a Veterinary Technician which lead to a career as a USDA meat inspector in SW Missouri and SE Kansas.

During the mid 70s Wayne was instructing as many as 41 piano students per  week and a few that wanted voice lessons.

Wayne was a church choir director for about ten years then became church musician in 1984 to present time.  Currently he accompanies the choir and leads the children's choir.

Wayne is a dual member of Tristatesmen Chapter and the Greater Ozarks Chapter. He is the tenor of the FOG Quartet


Married in 1967, Wayne and Ruth are blessed with four musical children and ten grandchildren.